The Band


Who we are

We are a group of 8 God fearing, God loving, God praising, and God worshiping men and women who all go to the same church and all got the spark to just start singing and playing music for the Glory of God!

Until 2007, none of us had any real experience at singing or playing instruments (with the exception of our drummer and recent addition guitarist), outside the normal affair of singing in the church choir and possibly some middle school and high school band knowledge.

Some of us started up the band because we wanted to contribute to the worship service of our home church in a more meaningful way and a praise team seemed like the logical way to do that.  We’ve added some members since then and lost some too to other churches, but God has seen fit to bless us with dedicated members and to increase our skills to the point that we’ve now been invited to special events and other church worship services and He clearly has more for us to do in the future!

Meet the Members

Tony Bowman (Lead Vocals, Guitar) DSC00702


DSC00696 Sonny Hobbs (Bass, Vocals)


Adam Hobbs (Keyboard, Guitar) DSC00688


DSC00709 Phillip Wilcher (Drums)


Brandy Hobbs (Vocals) DSC00718


DSC00691 Megan Hobbs (Vocals)


Wesley Hobbs (Sound, Drums) DSC00693

DSC00729 Kevin Simpson (Guitar)